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Revitalization Projects in Downtown Bogota, Colombia

Presently Keystone International is advising the company Opera Inversiones Urbanas s.a.s (OIU) in several revitalization projects in downtown Bogota, Colombia. This advice is focused on a sector that encompasses over 120 city blocks, which are the object of an ambitious revitalization plan. The objective is to rescue the constructed heritage and develop real estate projects for housing, commerce and mixed uses.

Keystone’s Team has been strategic in the rehabilitation of important architectural projects and real estate sectors in the US. Among the city blocks rescued by the Keystone International Team are Española Way and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida.

Additionally, Keystone International is accessing a major hotel project (in Getsemany) and a housing complex project in Cartagena, Colombia.

….“Keystone International has given us a more complete and integral look into the themes and criteria of urban revitalization and rescue of our architectural heritage. It has been an enriching and beneficial experience for our organization. Thanks to their ample global experience, the advice of Keystone International has been key to understand the potential of our projects in Colombia and the scope to reach the international context.”…

Camilo Ayerbe

Executive Director, Opera Inversiones Urbanas s.a.s