United States Department of the Interior

Keystone has worked for us in numerous projects as our General Contractor. Their work has always been outstanding completed within schedule and exceeded our expectations.

Keystone consistently exemplifies high standards of quality work and personal attention while maintaining the utmost integrity. Through this reputation, the company has the privilege of leading some of our highest profile projects for the government.

You are commended for an outstanding performance of this work. Your attention to details and your willingness to work closely with the park and regional staff to accomplish the work increased the level of quality in the completed project. We would not hesitate in recommending your company to other regions……

Keystone has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction….

Boca Raton Resort Hotel

Keystone’s work was both timely and professional. The excellent craftsman were friendly to our staff and guests while performing work of the highest quality. Attention to detail and informing me of progress were two important conditions which were performed by their technicians.

United States Department of Agriculture

It was a great experience for us to do business with this multinational firm. There were no deficiencies found at any of the seven buildings during our detailed inspection performed by our department and the AlE consultant firm CDS from South Carolina.

Keystone Restoration Inc. demonstrated all the way a high sense of responsibility, professionalism, resulting in a high end quality termination process. Also, I must emphasize the great interaction with their personnel which demonstrated at all times experience and highly skilled for the duties assigned which contributed to the success of this project and the completion of this contract ahead of schedule.

I want to thank you for the outstanding performance of Keystone in Puerto Rico on the contract with our agency. Mr. Salvio Torres-Cardona and Mr. Phil McLaughlin were very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the timely execution of this project by your company.

Florida Department of Transportation
Your company demonstrated excellent organization and workmanship. The work performed was completed ahead of contract time and within budget.
Michael J. Maxwell – Award Committee Chairman for the Florida Trust

I have had the pleasure of working in numerous capacities with Mr. Alberto Pinedo.

Our association has always been highly professional and dedicated to achieving the highest quality. Mr. Pinedo’s leadership has consistently demonstrated its ability to solve complex issues and excellence in workmanship. As Awards Committee Chair for the Florida Trust Keystone’s projects exhibited award-winning attributes by their craftsmanship, attention to detail and overall quality. As of this writing, Mr. Pinedo’s firm has won more awards from the Florida Trust than any other contractor.